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The Twelve Ways Program

…regardless of your clinical skills as a chiropractor, your business and your practice will both be struggles without the ability to bring prospective patients into your office.  As much as you are in the business of bringing more life to people with chiropractic, you are in the business of marketing first.

Three Things Every Marketing Program Must Accomplish

Regardless of how it is achieved, every marketing program must accomplish three things.  First, the marketing program must create an association in the mind of your patient and potential patient that whenever they think of health they think of you, and whenever they think of you they think of health.  Second, it must show the patient that you are a source of everything health, not just chiropractic health.  Third and lastly, it must offer the patient or potential patient something they want and need (their verb) so that they want to become part of your data base.

The Association of Health

There is only one way to create an association so that every time the patient thinks of you they think of health and every time they think of health they think of you.  Repetition!
Repetition breeds association.  What does that mean?  It means that through repetition we can create an association in your patient’s mind that every time they think of you they think of health, and every time they think of health they think of you (notice how just by repeating the above sentence a few times, it has already stuck in your mind).

How many repetitions?  It takes 8 to 10 impressions to develop the association.  That’s 8 to 10 impression per month, not per year.  Plus it has to be about everything health, not just chiropractic health, not just chiropractic educational literature, chiropractic newsletters or chiropractic videos.

The Secret to the Practice of Your Dreams

Did you ever think about what your best patients have in common?  The patients that keep coming back and refer their friends.  The patients you never have to reactivate because they always reactivate themselves. It’s very simple.  They believe you and chiropractic are their source of everything health, not just chiropractic health but everything health.  They believe if you turn on the innate intelligence that heals the body, they will get better.  So they call you whether they have a headache, a backache, feel run down, have a cold or just want to make sure they are functioning at the top of their game.  They have an association that you and chiropractic are their key to health.

The Patient’s Verb

If you look at statistics, what do most people want?  What is their verb?  We know from the research that most people want (their verb) someone to help them manage their health.  According to the Hartman Report, 83% of consumers are now interested in wellness simply to stay healthy.  The Yankelovich Group study of 78 million baby boomers showed 86% are conscious of the need to take measures to ensure their health will be good when they get older.  It revealed 62% seek health information actively and they are open to non-traditional approaches.  They see health as part of their sense of self.

People want somewhere to go where they can find out about drug interactions, about drug-vitamin interactions, they want to know about exercise and diet.  They want to know about healthy food choices.
The problem in this day and age is the consumer has found there is so much information out there on the internet, that they now need someone to help them through the maze so they know what is reliable, useful and pertinent to them.

Are you that someone?  If you are, people will want what you have to offer.  They will want to be part of your database.  This is the key to building the practice of your dreams.  The stress free practice that feeds upon itself and grows and grows.  When you understand this simple concept it will change you and your practice forever.

Welcome to the Twelve Ways Program!


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